Our Mission

Green space is all well and good, but there’s a much more devious space left unattended in our cityscapes. Grayspaces. The concrete flatlands that connect our buildings create lifeless spans that we cannot avoid. We look to re-energize these spaces through creativity with play. Play is good for the mind, soul & well-being. Play sparks innovative thinking as well as energizing the body. Our goal is to dissolve the city mediocrity with a little help from its Users and creative class.

Recess is in session

We look to spark innovative thinking through playful action. Through play our mind solves problems, expands our lines of thinking, and relaxes our body.

The opposite of play is not work

It’s depression. We look to erase mundanity not just in our personal lives, but in the spaces that surround us as well.

We see these interventions in countless cities around the world. They are blogged about, you-tubed, flickr’d and even ebay’d, but then they disappear. Why not give a venue for these items to take place? Why not give the city populace a time to get excited about possibilities? Make them play, make them wander, make them part of the largest playground on Earth.